Carmel Valley Art Association® New Membership Application Process

The Carmel Valley Art Association® (CVAA) is an organization of local artists in the Monterey County area showcased in the Valley Girls Gallery in Carmel Valley Village at #2 Chambers Lane.  All applicants must have resided within sixty driving miles of Carmel Valley for at least one year prior to their application. The purpose of this association is as follows:

  • • to provide a permanent studio/art gallery in Carmel Valley, California (open daily, an artist daily, 11 am – 5 pm)
  • • to be creative while promoting an interest in the arts, a spirit of co-operation, and friendly environment among artists and between artists and their community
  • • to provide multiple opportunities and events wherein artists can interact with the public and market their work



All applicants for the Carmel Valley Art Association® must follow the following guidelines.

  • • Fill out and submit a Request for New Membership Application with $10 application fee, or
  • • Fill out and submit an Associate Membership Application with $35 dues for current year



All unsolicited new members’ artwork is juried annually by members of the Board of Directors Jury Committee.  Membership to the Carmel Valley Art Association® (CVAA) is determined by a majority vote of this committee, judged on the basis of creativity, originality and artistic quality.  Each applicant is required to submit 6 original pieces of their work in the same medium for the jury process.  Artwork should be delivered to CVAA @Valley Girls Gallery during the time window specified.  Each piece should be clearly marked with the artist’s name, address, and phone number, as well  as an inventory sheet of the delivered artwork.


Applicants who are accepted into the CVAA are initially considered Provisional members. After six months, they are considered for acceptance as permanent members by the same board that accepted them initially.


All Featured Artists at Valley Girls Gallery are members of the Carmel Valley Art Association® (CVAA) and must have met the requirements for CVAA membership.  Applicants must have resided within sixty driving miles of Carmel Valley for at least one year prior to their application.  To be a Featured Artist means that the artist’s work has been juried and approved by the Jury Committee of the CVAA Board of Directors.

CVAA Featured Artists participate in the show rotation at Valley Girls Gallery during the year. The Board of Directors determines which artists are to be shown in each show. When artists are selected for a show, the work that they are planning to show must be approved and final selections are made from their artwork to create the best possible exhibit for the gallery as a whole.

Valley Girls Gallery agrees to display the artist’s work and help to market the artist. The Featured Artists hanging at each show contribute towards the rental of the gallery by paying a rent for their space on walls, panels and in display cases, according to the work and size of the given spaces.

Valley Girls Gallery will provide to the Featured Artists:

  • •  their gallery space
  • •  full-color marketing material sent to our exclusive database (mailings & monthly e-blasts)
  • •  “Meet the Artists” Opening Receptions throughout the year
  • •  publicity of the gallery shows through local magazines, newspapers, brochures, the CVAA website, Social Media, etc.
  • •  marketing of the gallery in local directories, guides, maps, internet directories and websites
  • •  a plexi-glass sign with Featured Artist’s Name, presenting the artist’s work
  • •  a bio/flyer marketing piece showcasing each Featured Artist for display by artwork in print and online at (featuring the artists in the “current show” and afterwards as a “past show”)
  • •  Please follow /’Like’ us on our CVAA Facebook page at:



  • • Please drop off your artwork at the gallery (and pick it up after the show) according to the dates of your particular show
  • • An inventory sheet will be filled out for the artist’s delivered artwork with name of artist, name of each artwork, medium and price
  • • All artwork must be ready for display at the time of the delivery. If paintings are to be shown on the walls they are to be framed and are required to have hanging wires (for conventional frames) attached at the time of delivery
  • • We ask that your artwork be framed in simple wood or metal frames in natural, browns, black, silver or gold; no ornate frames, please
  • • Artwork will be hung by our experienced committee; final choices will be at the discretion of this committee for the cohesiveness of the show as a whole
  • • Unframed prints or originals may be shown in print racks but should be matted and placed in plastic sleeves



Carmel Valley Art Association is Open Daily. We advertise “An Artist Daily from 11 am – 5 pm.” We do require that our artists work one volunteer shift per month in the gallery. We feel that it is both beneficial to the artist as well as to our clientele to have our artists involved in meeting and interacting with the community.  However, other arrangements can be made if the artist cannot work the shifts to fulfill this obligation, such as, help on a committee (i.e. help send out bulk-mailings, assist with workshops/demos or through buyouts for one of our designated artist/sales persons).


Any artwork sold from the VALLEY GIRLS GALLERY shall be subject to a 30% commission.  Please add this percentage when computing the price of your work. Valley Girls Gallery will be responsible for paying the sales tax to the Board of Equalization. Artists are not considered employees, and are responsible for their own taxes.